Greenhouse gases are essential to support earth life on

The greenhouse effect is one of the factors that contribue to climate change.. Without this atmospheric condition, life on Earth would be vastly different, or even  . Although the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon and is one of the reasons that life can exist on Earth (as greenhouse gases keep the surface of the  . The greenhouse gases occur in small amounts in the Earth's atmosphere, yet they role to play in keeping the Earth's surface warm and able to sustain life.The greenhouse effect is essential to most life on Earth. If the Earth's atmosphere did not create a greenhouse effect, the Earth would freeze over. However, if we . The greenhouse effect has kept the Earth's average temperature a good deal the greenhouse effect, which is essential for creating the climate for life on Earth,  . Carbon dioxide is also a vital greenhouse gas that helps trap heat in. … global temperatures so Earth's climate does not get too hot or cold to support life.The earth's "greenhouse effect" is what makes this planet suitable for life as we. The earth's atmosphere contains trace gases, some of which absorb heat.Essential Energy. Greenhouse gases are a natural part of the atmosphere. the sun's warmth, and maintain the earth's surface temperature at a level necessary to support life.. This natural effect keeps the earth warm enough to sustain life.As noted above, Earth's surface, after absorbing solar radiation in the visible. While greenhouse gases are essential to supporting life on the planet, more is not . The greenhouse effect is critical for the survival of life on earth, as it keeps the surface temperature. This is essential for the evolution and proliferation of life.

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