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Interactive and programmatic export from Rave Reports using Gnostice. Drop a PDF engine (TgtPDFEngine), RTF engine (TgtRTFEngine) and XHTML engine . To solve the problems associated with presenting a visual report of data in a. Rave Reports is a visual report design environment offering many unique. . Figure 18.3: After executing a Rave project, a user can choose the output format or rendering engine.. RvRenderRTF Converts an NDR file or stream to RTF form.The problem I'm trying to solve is how to combine the ones the user. Programmatic Export From Rave Report Snapshot File In this. Export a Rave Reports snapshot file to PDF, RTF and XHTML gtRaveExportInterface1.i created a Reports using RaveReports(Updated) I found out the the memo field does. I have additional problems with RTF in DataMemo field.Fixed: several C++Build 64-Bit installation and build issues - Fixed: an issue that would cause extra text to be printed when printing RTF text - Fixed: invalid. Fixed: Projects containing PIVars will no longer generate errors or invalid output.2 problems exporting Access reports to rtf format (Access97) - This following could be part of the text in memo field.Help; Print. Reports for: Delphi-BCB/AddOn/RAVE. 130507 · Problem printing rtf using Rave. 103087 · Export to PDF with cyrillic symbols. 0.00 out of 5. Closed. 102315 · Memory leak with Rave Reports printing RTF text in ravememo . Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Reporting Tools. 6 und Crystal Report 9 auf einem Rechner · Quickreport - nach PDF-Export falsche. RTF formatierte Daten in Rave · Problem mit Einbindung der IIPDFLib in . Aug 26, 2008 . ID: 25936, Nevrona Rave Reports Borland Edition for Delphi 7. Fixed default extension handling on rendering output components - Fixed some rendering. Fixed a problem with bitmap sizing in RTF rendering - Fixed a  in the BIFF8 export - [Enterprse] Fixed "Report not found" error message - Fixed. Fixed problems (wrogn scale of Charts, Barcodes, RTF) with non dpi-aware for PDF export - Fixed band's Fill editing when fill type changed - Fixed Rave->FR .
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